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Services Offered

  • Vessel deliveries
  • Sea trials & commissioning
  • Vessel management
  • Shiphandling training
  • Vessel familiarisation & training
Yacht delivery

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With over 150,00 sea miles logged on commercial vessels, sailing vessels & motor yachts we have the experience & skills to keep your vessel & crew safe.

Seamanship can be defined through the following traits:

  • An in depth knowledge of ships & the sea
  • Precision & decisiveness
  • Judicious application of common sense to problems & tasks
  • Remining calm & composed in tight situations
  • Possessing sufficient charisma to inspire others
  • A willingness to admit & learn from one’s mistakes
  • A consideration & empathy for the views & wellbeing of others

Global Marine Services can offer you all of the above as well as the assurance of an internationally recognised qualification as a Master Unlimited.

A Master Unlimited qualification allows its bearer to command a vessel of any size & type, anywhere in the world.

Please contact us to discuss your vessel delivery needs.

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