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Marine Surveyor

Boat valuations port douglas


Port Douglas Boat inspection

Services Offered

  • Insurance surveys for all major insurers
  • Pre-purchase & condition surveys
  • Australian Domestic Commercial Vessel surveys
  • Diesel engine condition reports & failure analysis
  • Valuation surveys
  • On & Off hire surveys
  • Moisture testing & structural analysis
  • Infrared thermal inspections
  • Ultrasonic hull thickness testing
  • Professional witness & testimony services
AMSA Domestic cOmmercial Vessel Inspections, Boat surveys Innisfail

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Why us?

In addition to the skills of an accredited marine surveyor, Global Marine Services offers you the benefit of years of experience as a ship's master, marine engineer, amateur shipwright & vessel owner. Our extensive background allows us a full appreciation of the challenges faced by those owning, managing or operating vessels in the real world.

We will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for you & your vessel, regardless of your surveying needs. Please contact us to discuss your boat's next survey.

We specialise in the following marine surveys

Pre-purchase boat inspection Cairns

Insurance Surveys

All leading insurers catered to.

We provide insurer compliant assessments of the structural integrity of your vessel & her equipment at competitive rates. Qualified for all major insurers.

AMSA DCV Surveys

Acccreditations for

  • Periodical survey
  • Periodical survey (Loadline)
  • Survey of safety equipment
  • Survey of communications equipment
  • Initial survey (Electrical) - Extra low voltage
  • Initial survey (Construction or alteration) - Machinery
  • Initial survey (Construction or alteration) - Loadline conditions and markings
  • Initial survey (Construction or alteration) - Equipment
  • Initial survey (Construction or alteration) - Commissioning
  • Initial survey (Construction or alteration) - Hull, deck, superstructure for all vessel construction materials except wood

Accredited by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority to perform surveys on Australian domestic commercial vessels of all classes.

boat inspections, Pre-purchase boat inspection

Pre-Purchase Surveys

Competitive rates on the most comprehensive of boat surveys.

marine thermal imaging camera

Our standard survey includes an examination of the hull, propulsion machinery, fuel system, AC & DC electrical system & appliances, LPG system, spars, rigging & sails, generators & auxiliary machinery, navigation equipment, electronics, fire fighting & safety equipment, steering components, all tankage & fluid systems, all deck hardware as well as anchoring & mooring equipment. We can also provide & if requested.

Please contact us for a quote.

marine infrared thermography, boat thermal inspection

Infrared Inspections

What can an infrared thermal inspection do?

  • Discover previously undetected defects
  • Moisture analysis of hulls & decks
  • Identify areas of delamination &/or dry rot
  • Pre-empt machinery failure
  • Assess structural integrity
  • Detect overloaded or faulty batteries
  • Solar panel hot spot identification
  • Detect faulty or overloaded electrical components & circuitry

Infrared thermal electrical inspections

marine infrared surveys

Level 1

Certification #12271

All objects emit some level of infrared radiation. Using the latest thermal imaging equipment, a properly trained infrared thermography can "see" this energy, and use it to better define the nature & extent of existing problems. They also may be able to discover previously undetected defects.

Infrared thermography is an excellent complement to conventional survey methods.

Thermographic surveys conducted by Global Marine Services comply with international infrared inspection standards & are perfomed by a certified level 1 infrared thermographer.

boat inspections, Pre-purchase boat inspection

Ultrasonic Hull Inspections

Inspections for thickness & condition on vessels constructed of steel, aluminium & Fibreglass.

Ultrasonic hull thickness testing

Using an ultrasonic thickness tester we can quickly & efficiently assess the remaining thickness & condition of your vessel's hull, deck or appendages. Inspections can encompass the entire hull or concentrate on areas of suspected corrosion.

Global Marine Services can perform ultrasonic hull inspetions for AMSA Domestic Commercial Vessels.

damage surveys, infrared imaging

Valuation Surveys

Let us appraise your ship, boat or yacht for Australian customs importation, bank financing, estate & divorce settlements.

professional marine witness service

Professional Witness

Our knowledge & experinece could be invaluable in assisting you to resolve your legal dilemma. Please contact us to discuss matters with the utmost discretion.

ON & Off hire surveys

Diesel Engine Condition Surveys

Comprehensive assessments & evaluations of marine diesel engines performed by a factory trained diesel fitter & qualified marine engineer.

Tow out surveys

We can perform external inspections, cylinder compression & exhaust back pressure testing, sea trials & engine oil analysis on request.

New boat survey

Being a member of the Australian Institute of Marine Surveyors keeps us up to date with the latest regulatory changes & industry advancements. It also gurantees that we receive the highest level of continuing education & professional development.

Yacht delivery Cairns